WHW(WebHackersWeapons) Tools / A collection of cool tools used by Web hackers. Happy hacking , Happy bug-hunting

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This is a web tool for making it easy to install/update packages in WHW. Following the steps below, you will receive an One-line code to install/update the desired tool.


We need several install packages before installation is installed. It different for depends on the tools you want to use, the data I provide is a dependency to install all these tools


All: git, go, ruby, gem, python3, python3-pip, wget, curl, cargo, npm
Macos: homebrew
Linux: apt package manager
Windows: choco

Step by Step

1) Specify the directory to install. This is because there are tools that need to be installed as git clone. 
2) Select Your OS
3) Choice app for install/update
4) Click `Make`